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Department of Engineering
for Innovation

GreenEngine Lab

The aim of the Green Engine Research Network at University of Salento (Italy) is to create a labs network in order to support the research activities and the development of new technologies for combustion, propulsion and related materials for high-temperatures, with particular attention to the environmental impacts.

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Active Control of Flow and Turbomachinery, Aerospace Applications, Applied and Industrial Fluid-Dynamics, Cavitation, Cryogenic Cavitation and Turbomachinery, Combustion, Cryogenic Combustion and Sprays, Combustion Active Control, Internal Combustion Engines and Sprays, Hybrid Engines, Renewable Energy and Sustainability

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Combustion diagnostics,  Laser diagnostics, Combustion and Sprays Laboratory, Engines Laboratory, Sustainable Mobility Lab

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Aggregatore Risorse

 Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni
- 73100, Lecce (Italy) –
at Corpo O - Ecotekne Campus


Prof. Engr. Antonio Ficarella

University of Salento - Department of Engineering for Innovation

Ecotekne - Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni

Tel. + 39 0832 297761




Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Cavitating Flows Temperature and doping effects on performance of titania thin film lambda probe ...

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