The activities on combustion instability also regard the development of DBD plasma devices to improve lean flame stabilization. Experiments were already performed to characterize a methane/air microburner, Bunsen-type, equipped with a plasma actuator for the flame stabilization and the blowoff control. The electric field was generated using a fixed configuration of plasma actuator, the Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) but using two different power supplies: a nanosecond repetitively pulsed high voltage (NRPP) and a sinusoidal DBD high voltage (HV). High speed chemiluminescence imaging of OH*, CH* and CO2* was performed in order to capture the differences between the baseline conditions and the actuated cases. The activity is in collaboration with CNR-NANOTEC (P.La.S.Mi. Lab. BARI). For both the activities the group is involved also in the Technical Team Member of the NATO STO Science and Technology Organization Technical Team: AVT-254 on Assessment of Plasma Actuator Technologies for Internal Flows.