The aim of the Green Engine Research Network at University of Salento (Italy) is to create a labs network in order to support the research activities and the development of new technologies for combustion, propulsion and related materials for high-temperatures, with particular attention to the environmental impacts. The Green Engine Lab is part of a Network of scientific laboratories of the Universities in the Puglia Region (Italy). The expertise fields ranges over various sectors of innovative technologies. This Network of Labs is devoted to support the industrial development for several technology clusters, such as the Apulian Aerospace District.

The Green Engine Research Network intend to support the development of research activities and new technologies in the following fields:

  • Fluid-dynamics applied to combustion phenomena, aerospace propulsion, flow active control, industrial design (Combustion and Propulsion Lab). The Combustion and Propulsion Lab is a part of the CREA (Research Center on Energy and Environment) at University of Salento.
  • Study of the combustion phenomena in engines (Internal Combustion Engines Lab). The Internal Combustion Engines Lab is a part of the CREA (Research Center on Energy and Environment) at University of Salento.
  • Development of sensors and actuators for monitoring combustion and concentration of pollutant emissions to be integrated in avionics equipment and for the engine controls (Sensors and MEMS lab);
  • Development of ceramic materials resistant to high temperatures, for engine applications and for more general industrial applications (Materials Science and Tech Lab).
  • Characterization of the corrosion performance of metallic materials in combustion and propulsion systems (Applied Physical Chemistry Lab).
  • Characterization of noise emissions and structural problems in the aerospace field (Aircraft Structures Lab).
  • Pollutant emission characterization (Chemistry Lab of University of Bari).

For more detailed informations: Green Engine Research Network.
The Green Engine Lab is part of the Network of Apulian Scientific Laboratories supported by Agenzia regionale per la tecnologia e l'innovazione.

Research lines

Activities and Objectives